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Wrestling Terms

Wrestling Term Definition
Angle A wrestling "plot" which may involve only one match or may continue over several matches for some time; the reason behind a feud or a turn.
Blade The practice of cutting oneself or being cut with a part of a razor blade hidden in tights, hair or wrappings in order to produce juice.
Blow Up To become fatigued or exhausted.
Booker The individual responsible for angles, finishes, hiring and firing in a promotion.
Bump A fall or hit done as a spot (see spot) which takes the wrestler (or other participant, i.e. referee, manager) out of the ring or out of action.
Card The series of matches in one location at one time.
Cleans House When a wrestler eliminates every other man in the ring
Draw To attract fans. the popularity of a wrestler, the ability to bring in fans.
Dud Aparticularly bad and totally uninteresting match.
Face A good guy.
Fall A referee's count of three with the loser's shoulders on the mat.
Feud A series of matches between two wrestlers or two tag teams. many times they will interview and bad mouth the other wrestler.
Finish The event or sequence of events which leads to the ultimate outcome of a match.
Garbage Matches or promotions that have no wrestling but pure violence.
Green Not good due to inexperience in the ring.
Hardway Juice Real blood produced by means other than blading, i.e. the hard way.
Heat Enthusiasm, a positive response from fans.
Heel A bad guy, rule-breaker.
House The wrestling audience in the building
House Show A wrestling event un-televised.
International Object Foreign object, something now allowed in the ring.
Job A staged loss. a clean job is a staged loss by legal pinfall or submission without resort to illegalities.
Jobber An unpushed wrestler who does jobs for pushed wrestlers. usually on a losing streak.
Juice Blood.
Kayfabe Of or related to inside information about the business, especially by fans. it can also be called "to act the part"
Mark A member of the audience, presumed gullible and moronic. fans who do not know anything about wrestling.
Paper Complimentary tickets, given to fans to make the arena look as if it sold out.
Pop Sudden heat from a house as a response to a wrestler's entry or hot move.
Post To run or be run into the ringpost.
Potato To injure a wrestler by hitting him on the head or causing him to hit his head on something.
Push When a wrestler starts to go on a winning streak and gets title shots. also gets more interview time.
Run-In Interference by a non-participant in a match.
Save A run-in to protect a wrestler from being beat up after a match is over.
Screw-Job A match or ending which is not clean due to factors outside the "rules" of wrestling.
Sell "To sell a move", meaning to act hurt when a move has been applied.
Shoot The real thing, i.e. a match where one participant is really attempting to hurt another. the opposite of work or fake.
Smark A smart mark. a guy who thinks he knows everything there is to know about wrestling. doesn't care much for gimmicks or angles. just likes good wrestling.
Spot An event or sequence of events which makes a particular match distinctive, a high-point of a match.
Squash A totally passive job where one wrestler completely dominates another.
Stable A group of wrestler's united to watch each other's backs.
Stiff A wrestler who cannot manuever around the ring very swiftly. he doesn't have much flexibility or stamina
Stretch A form of shoot where one wrestler dominates rather than injures the other as a proof of personal superiority.
Tap Out To give into a submission manuever
Turn Change in orientation from heel to face or vice-versa.
Tweener A wrestler who is part heel and part face
Work A deception or fraud, the opposite of a shoot.
Workrate The approximate ratio of good wrestling to rest holds in a match or in a wrestler's performance.
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