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Wrestling Facts

  • Wrestler Birthdays
    Wanna know which professional wrestlers share the same birthday as you or your friends? This section lists all the current and retired wrestlers birthdays by month.

  • Wrestler Debuts
    Now you can find out who's been wrestling professionally the longest or shortest. You can also find out the date that a wrestler first entered the squared circle.

  • Wrestler Moves
    So, want to find out how many wrestlers have the same or unique finishing moves? This page lists all the known finishing moves of the current and retired wrestlers.

  • Wrestler Identities
    During a wrestling career, wrestlers have many gimmicks, angles, and of course name changes. Find the past identities of your favorite wrestlers over their career.

  • Wrestler Realnames
    Do you ever wonder what is that wrestler's real name? Well here is your chance to find out all the real names that your favorite professional wrestlers were born with.

  • Wrestler Relatives
    Hey do you wanna know who in professional wrestling is related to Hulk Hogan or Bret "Hitman" Hart. Now you can find out how many family members have wrestled.

  • Wrestling Links
    Here is a listing of the official websites for your favorite wrestlers from the popular wrestling promotions.

  • Wrestling Terms
    When you are listening to a wrestling program, do you understand the terms that the commentators is saying. If not, you can finally find out what's a Job or a Shoot.

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