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Wrestler Relatives

Wrestler Name Relative(s) Relation
Afa Sika Brothers
Afa Sweet Sammy Silk Father & Son
Bill Alphonso David Sierra Brothers
Bill Dundee JC Ice Father & Son
BlackJack Mulligan BlackJack Windham Father & Son
Bruno Sammartino Dave Sammartino Father & Son
Butcher Vachon Luna Vachon Father & Daughter
Butcher Vachon Mad Dog Vachon Brothers
Chris Candido Sunny Married
Diamond Dallas Page Kimberly Page Married
Dusty Rhodes Goldust Father & Son
Eddie Guerrero Chavo Sr & Hector Guerrero Brothers
Eddie Guerrero Chavo Guerrero Jr Uncle & Nephew
Goldust Marlena Married
Helen Hild Ted DiBiase Mother & Son
Hulk Hogan Horace Boulder Uncle & Nephew
Hulk Hogan Mike Awesome Cousins
Ivan Putski Scott Putski Father & Son
Jake Roberts Sam Houston & Rockin Robin Brothers & Sister
Jerry Lawler Brian Christopher Father & Son
Jerry Lawler The Honky Tonk Man Cousins
Jesses James Brad, Steve, & Scott Armstrong Brothers
Johnny Valentine Greg Valentine Father & Son
Kevin Sullivan Woman Married
Larry Hennig Curt Hennig Father & Son
Marc Mero Sable Married
Mike DiBiase Ted DiBiase Father & Son
Mr. Wall Street Barry Windham Brothers-In-Law
Randy Savage Lanny Poffo Brothers
Randy Savage Miss Elizabeth Divorced
Ray Rougeau Jacques Rougeau Jr Brothers
Road Warrior Animal Johnny Ace Brothers
Rocky Johnson Rocky Maivia Father & Son
Shane Douglas Paul Orndorff Cousins
Sika Yokozuna Father & Son
Steve Austin Lady Blossom Married
Steve McMichael Debrah McMichael Married
Stu Hart Bret & Owen Hart Father & Sons
Taz Chris Chetti Cousins
Terry Funk Dory Funk Jr Brothers
The Assassin Nick Patrick Father & Son
The British Bulldog The Hart Brothers Brothers-In-Law
The Sultan Yokozuna Cousins
Tom Pritchard Brother Love Brothers
Tony Borne Matt Borne Father & Son
Yokozuna Sweet Sammy Silk Brothers
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